Adult Classes

KPOP ( Korean Pop) dance is the combination of American hip hop, street dance and KPOP girl/boys performance groups. Our Kpop dance class utilizes the most popular Kpop dance covers. The styles range from popping, modern, street jazz, ballet and sometimes even breaking depending on student levels.  This class is open levels so even if you are a complete beginner, fret not! KPOP is fun, sassy and sexy.  So just come discover the KPOP queen/king in you! This is for teen & up class.

Designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well being, this workout will help participants gain improved flexibility, balance, strength and posture. The class will borrow from each instructor experience with Yoga and may incorporate basic poses from various Yoga styles.


You’ll be guided through the fundamentals of dance technique in a welcoming, lighthearted environment. This class will increase flexibility, body awareness, muscle strength, and confidence in an encouraging and engaging environment. Join us for a dynamic, come-as-you-are class designed to combine a high-quality technical foundation with the freedom and joy of dance.

This class is designed for adult students ages 18 and up interested in getting educated on the A-Zs of Chinese Dance. This is a class designed for fitness, fun and basic techniques of Chinese Folk Dance. We will give adults the opportunity to pick up some fundamental Chinese Dance skills and learn pre-selected Han Chinese, 

Mongolian and Korean dances from existing famous productions. It will also introduce adults to basic performance skills — with emphasis on artistic expression. Adults students can now experience the beauty and energy of Chinese Dance while keeping the body in great shape!


Power fitness incorporate Strength Training, Plyometrics, Core, Cardio, Bio-machanics, HIIT Training, Stretching and Nutrition.  1 hour or 30 minutes full body class that will change your life.

Street Hip Hop is a more rugged and hard hitting hip hop. Helping dancers manage their control when they dance by focusing on strength and core. This class is good for all levels intermediate and above.

Latin Technique is a great way to actually learn the styles of Ballroom, Latin, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and more. Focusing more on the technical side, our renown instructor Adrian Brian will teach how you use the hips, legs, feet, arms, posture to make beautiful lines and positions via choreography. Each month, Adrian will teach a different style.




beginner jazz

Jazz Dance is a fast, energetic type of dance using a combination of lots of different dance moves. This lively beginners class will give you an aerobic and fun workout. As a beginner, you’ll  learn short sequences of choreography designed to develop your strength, stamina and dance ability.

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