Adult Program

What is the difference between Zumba and Zumba Toning?

Think of Zumba as a cardio workout with a lot of dancing to help you lose weight! Zumba Toning helps you tone your body with mat workout, zumba toning sticks, yoga blocks, etc.


Do you have beginner level classes?

Yes, Zumba is open to all levels of students and we offer Intro level Hip-Hop , Kpop, Yoga, Ballet and Chinese Folk classes for kids and adult as well

Should I arrive early to class?

Yes, especially if it is your first visit. We highly suggest you come in at least 15 minutes early to sign a release of liability waiver and determine what package best suits your neeeds.

What should I wear to the class?

Be comfortable! You’re going to move and your going to sweat! Wear anything that you feel good moving around in. Also, workout shoes or “dance shoes” are the best types of shoes to wear. For zumba we suggest any shoe with a balll at the bottom to pivot but they are not required. Ballet and Chinese Folk Dance requires a strict dress code as well as leotard, tights and ballet shoes.

Do I need to make reservations before taking class?

Yes we are highly recommend you make a reservation for your 1st visit! All you have to do is purchase a trail pass online , we will sent you the confirmation for your reservation.

Can you provide an instructor for Private Parties or Special Events?

Yes, we can always provide one of our certified instructors to lead any event or private party you may have upon instructor availability.

Do you offer special workshops?

Yes, we consistently have a wide range of special series classes, workshops and intensive courses. Our most current events can be found on eventbrite as well as the news and events section of our website.

Do you have private lessons?

Yes, we offer private dance and fitness lessons to individuals of all ages and skill levels ( intro to master-level classes). Our rate is currently $85an hour for one on one with an additional $5 fee per student. This option is available to a maximum of 4 students total. We also have a private group rate of $120 an hour and a studio rental rate of $50-$65 an hour.

How do I pay the tuition or membership

Monthly tuition or membership will be automatically withdrawn on the 1st of every month from the credit card account on file. You may opt out of automatic payment for the entire semester/year at the time of registration. All cancelation request15 days notice by submit a cancelation request thru email, before the next billing cycle.

Kids/Teens Program

What do I know what level class to sign up for my child/myself?

For ballet and chinese folk dance classes, we have evaluation opportunities available for our teacher to assess the student and ensure he/she is placed in the appropriate level class.

For other classes, we recommend that dancers trial a class that seems like the correct age/level class, and the instructor can evaluate the student in class to ensure he/she is in the correct class. If not, the teacher will recommend which alternate class is most appropriate for that student.

When and Where are the performances opportunities?

The spring showcase (prepare for annual Recital) takes place in end of January for only Ballet and Miss Denise Chinese Folk Dance.

The annual recital will takes place mid May with iDance Kids and Teens program. Dancers may opt of of either of the above but we strongly recommend participation, as the shows are a culmination of the semester/year’s work by the dancers.

Please refer to iDance's staff for specific dates

For what age you offer classes at your studio

We have a large kids/ Teens dance program, offering combo class as young as age 2. Find the kids/teens schedule outlining various age groups and levels.

Can I watch my kid dance in class?

We do have viewing window in both studio so you can marvel at your child's progress. All doorways must be kept clear so we can maintain safe exits. If classroom blinds are lowered, we ask that you respect the teacher's choice to concentrate on teaching and learning during that session.

How I pay the tuition?

Tuition is can be made by credit card, check or cash. Recurring payment is recommend for most of the students.

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