Meet The Family

Dance Instructors

Ashley Fletcher

Hip Hop, Breaking, Jazz & iDance Competition & Receation Team Coach

I began dancing at the young age of 7 in southern California. Shortly after moving to Anaheim and graduating high school I received a scholarship to California

State University of Los Angeles where I received my Bachelors in Fine arts in

2010. I then took my career to the next level and started dancing in music videos and toured for years with artist Rob Base on the "I Love The 90s" tour. After that I taught dance at UCLA for 6 years. Now I direct & choreograph a winning dance crew named SYNC supported by IDance and Fitness. We have won countless scholarships, award, and platinum trophies! I am so proud to be able to do what I love everyday!

Christian Wu

Hip Hop, KPOP & iDance Competition Team Co-Coach

As a high school and college student, Christian studied dance and soon began teaching, choreographing and competing. While at CSUF where he earned a Bachelors degree in business, Christian joined a dance team called Prime D, of which he eventually became the team's Artistic Director and recently the Executive Officer earning a third and first place trophy. The first leader of Prime.D to do so. His duties on the team included teaching, choreographing and even set design. He danced with Developing Next Artist, a company that prepares artistic individuals for industry work. Christian was also the head coach of the award winning Troy HS all male dance team. He has taught in many studios such as Millennium the OC location as well as the Shanghai location. He's also travelled overseas to teach as well. Christian strives to bring artistic self discovery through the art of dance as well as create a  positive learning environment with his students.

Denise Hong

Chinese Folk Dance , Founder of HD Dance

I graduated from the Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2007 majoring in Traditional Chinese Dance. The following 10 years of experience developed at the Shenzhen Arts School with a background in dance education and performance. With a primary focus on Chinese Folk Dance and Traditional Chinese Dance I also developed an extensive resume as a dance choreographer. 

While at Shenzhen Arts School, I represented the school at various events and competitions throughout greater mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, England, and the United States.

From 2005 to 2015 I partnered with The Chinese Folk Dance Grade Center in Shenzhen as both a Senior Instructor and Chief Examiner. With almost 13 years of experience in August 2016 added a new challenge for me as I came to the United States to teach at a dance academy in Houston, TX. 

After a year in Houston, I made the move to California where I am a founder of HD Dance and also to be a part of our iDance family. My passion for teaching adults and children where I am happy iDance has become my second home.

Emily Lin

KPOP & Junior KPOP

I have always enjoyed the spotlight of performing in front of others. My dancing experience began when I was 6. I started with Chinese traditional dancing and Ballet, then I moved towards doing Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary when I was 8. I have trained  four years at Walnut High School’s dance team. Currently, I run a Kpop cover instagram account (@taemily_) and teach at various places. I am excited to be working with iDance!

Laura Monk

Ballet Level 2 & Level 3

I have been studying dance for over 40 years.  My training has been extensive in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary. Sprinkled in with some knowledge of ballroom and acrobatics. My greatest love is mainly with Ballet & Tap.  I have taught competition dancers as well as non-competition dancers since the age of 16.  Emphasis, for me, is to instill highly technical and clean performers, who show passion in their performance.  I have won countless Choreography Awards, and Top Teacher Awards in Regional and National Competitions.  Many of the dancers I have trained moved on to become great teachers themselves, studio owners, professional stage performers (such a Disney Princess’), and even celebrities in Hollywood. Coming from a highly “Showbiz” family, Laura grew up with “the dance gene”. 

I have been a judge at many dance competitions, which allowed me to travel all over the United States of America. I taught not only at my own dance studios, but at High Schools, Grammar Schools, Talent Shows, and Workshops. My knowledge extends into: costume making and design, recital show production, lighting, staging, and private coaching.  I love teaching, and hope to share my vast knowledge with all students who have the love of dance at IDance.

Josh Huggins

Hip Hop

Ever since I was Younger I’ve always loved to dance. My brother in his younger days  was a bboy so whenever his friends came over to practice I was always inspired.  As I got older my love for dance grew and when I got to High School I realized I wanted to go somewhere with it. During the end of my Sophomore year I joined my high school dance team and I was given an opportunity to become the director. I’m still currently directing for the team and over the course of my high school years to now I’ve trained and performed with Academy of Villains(AOV), VMO Project, and I’m currently still dancing with Prime D(PD).  My end goal is to eventually direct my own dance company and Inspire others to be the best versions of themselves they can be. I am so proud to share my love of dance with the students at IDance.

Paolo Sanedrin

Basic Hip Hop for Kids

I first learned about popping when I was in middle school. I was heavily influenced by the battle scene and freestyle community. As I got older, I started to compete, joining different crews here in California such as Team Millennia Jrs, Young Skull Club and GRooVe. I love teaching young kids because I remember how much I loved dance at a young age and how excited I was to learn! I can’t wait to grow with you all!

Paul Chang

Hip Hop - Popping & Locking

Hello I am Paul Chang and I have been dancing for 6 years now. I started my dance training at Diamond Bar High School, where I joined the dance team. Now after graduating from high school i have joined a exhibition team called GRooVe and have been dancing with them for one year. I have learned and trained with many famous choreographers and my goal is to share that knowledge to my students.

Sarah Ramirez

Ballet - Pre Ballet & Level 1

Hi, I'm Sarah. For 16 years I have dedicated my time and efforts to become a dancer. At my dance studio I practiced ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and voice. I received my point shoes at a young age and was honored to join my studios performing group and perform at such places as Disneyland, six Flags, and the LA County Fair. I was also asked to be a back up dancer at multiple fashion shows such as City of Hope, Vistas, and IPOP. I've loved dance for most of my life and want to spread the love and passion that I've had for ballet to others. I teach Pre-Ballet and Ballet 1 classes here at iDance, my goal is to teach young students the importance of technique and performance.

Sheri Liebe

Baby Boogie, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz & Contemporary, Tap & Combo, Fitness Coach

My motto has always been: show every kid their possibilities and watch them soar. I started dancing at the age of 2 under the direction of Mr. Ken Jolke.
At age 8, I studied ballet with Ms. Walsh in the City of West Covina at Walsh School of Ballet. During that time, I developed a love for the art of Hula Dancing. Studied Hawaiian, Polynesian, Tahitian and Samoan under the direction of Milei Souza at Aloha Dance Studio in Covina. Studied and danced professionally until the age of 21.
Attended Fine Arts Academy of Dance from age 18-21. My first teaching job was with the City of San Dimas Parks and Recreation. I had a total of 10 kids in a 1- year program that grew to 75 eager dance students. Clearly teaching was my passion and word spread resulting in the City of La Verne and the City of Walnut hiring me and built their dance programs.

I opened my own dance studio at the age of 25 and named it 1na Dance. The studio was successful both competitively and recreationally for 25 years.

Ballet is my favorite but hip hop is my natural forte. I teach all aspects of dance,
jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet and hip hop.

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Fitness Instructors

Daveed Adjian

Yoga and Life Teacher

I am a master yoga and life teacher as well as an accomplished musician of healing music, that is also very popular in China. The science and medical research have shown that yoga completely rejuvenates the body and mind helping in all areas of health gently and powerfully. 

Diane Caneda

Zumba, Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba, Bolly X, Belly Dance & Fitness Coach

Nickname: DiDi
Favorite movie: TITANIC
Favorite song: Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
Favorite post-workout food: PROTEIN SHAKE
Favorite memory as a dance instructor: To See students Transform to Fabulous Dancer
Most comfortable in a: LONG Pretty Dress
Fun fact: I love to Eat Anything

Johnny Esquivel


My name is Johnny Esquivel. I have been certified to teach Zumba since December 2017. I found love and passion with not just Zumba but with myself. Dance is a passion that has wanted to break free for a long time. I have Zumba to thank for unleashing the dancer in me. I love dancing because I love music. I started playing guitar, drums, bass, ukelele, and piano. My music knowledge was a big help in my growth with Zumba and dance. I am blessed to be able to teach all over Southern California. I’m honored to be a part of the iDance family and look forward to the journey I’ll have. 

Laura Galan

Zumba , Zumba Toning and Pop Pilates

My teaching experience started 33 years ago, when I was hired by a local gym to teach Group Exercise Classes. I haven’t stopped since. I have taught different formats as the years have passed and had the opportunity to meet many AMAZING people. Currently I am teaching Zumba Fitness and Pop Pilates classes. My goal as an instructor is to teach a safe and effective class in a fun environment. I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and touch there lives in a positive and loving way. I love being able to share my passion of dance fitness with our members and being a part of the iDance and Fitness family!

Li Mai


I have  been constantly practicing yoga for 11 years. It was the love of yoga that gave me the motivation to complete a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training in 2013.  I have been teaching since 2014,  and can be  recognized as an E-RYT 200 (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher).

My classes are mostly Vinyasa flow based with an Ashtanga influence and hands-on adjustments. I focuse on breath awareness and alignment to create an atmosphere of stillness and safety in movement, where strength, endurance, and flexibility kindly meet. I also teache gentle flow, slow flow, yin, back care, and prenatal yoga.

I hope you find the gifts of peace, harmony, laughter, and love within yourselves, create a well-balanced lifestyle, and improve or maintain your healthy body, mind, and life through your consistent yoga practice.

Iris Berru


Hello, I am Iris! I have been an instructor for 10 years and not a day goes by where I cannot say I love what I do. Throughout my 10 years of being an instructor, I have been teaching different formats like Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, Pop Pilates and Boot Camp. They all have their benefits such as building confidence in oneself and instilling energy to all my students. My goals as an instructor are to get all of my students excited about working out and developing a healthy yet fun lifestyle for my students as well.

James Afshar


I have been a Yoga practitioner since 1998 and I am a registered Yoga teacher at the 200-hour level with over four years of private teaching experience.​

I recall how my fascination with Yoga began - I signed up for a Yoga class taught by Steve Ilg at the Power House gym in Chatsworth, California.  Watching Steve, I was mesmerized by his grace in movement, awe-inspired by his flexibility and strength in the asanas, and embraced his guidance throughout the practice.  I knew then that someday I would want to teach at a similar level, perhaps even higher, and share the precious gifts of Yoga with my future students. 

My passion for yoga continuously shows through his work and he is excited to share my passion of yoga with his students.

Javier Soto-Vega


I have been teaching Zumba for 6 years. My class level will be advance - High Energy but my foot work is simple enough to follow. I do a mix of different genre of music but my strong style will be hip hop, salsa, bachata, reggeaton, cumbia ...hope to see you in my class! Don't be shy, you'll have tons of fun and leave with a positive energy!

Kimberly Orantes

Total Body Workout, Personal Trainer, and Founder of Power Fitness

My Mission Statement: "To provide each client with an exercise program that will significantly contribute to his or her health, fitness and wellness goals through professional instruction and personalized attention.

My strengths includes: cross-training individuals for cardiovascular and muscular endurance, indivdualized programs designed to meet client's goals, corrective training, strengthening the core for balance and stability and flexibility.

Noni Nabong


Favorite song: It changes. Right now, it's "The Eensy-Weensy Spider" and Daddy Yankee's "Firehouse"
Favorite post-workout food: Anything sweet 
Favorite memory as a dance instructor: Raising funds for my family members stricken with Cancer
Most comfortable in a: loose pair of sweats, cuddling my baby under the sheets in rainy, cold weather.

Favorite movie: too many.....
Fun fact: I've gone skydiving, backpacked in europe, worked in the movie industry, sang in a band, and none of these experiences could top being a mommy to Kyle!

Steven Cabrera Rios

Zumba & Strong by Zumba

Favorite move: twerking
Favorite song: all of them!
Favorite post-workout food: chicken
Favorite memory as a dance instructor: dancing at the halftime show at the raider game
Most comfortable in a: room full of people I know
Fun fact: I always like to party

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Admin Team

Ching Chai

Founder of IDance and Fitness

Hi, I'm Ching, the owner of iDance. Being a social and active mother and wife, I was eager to connect with people through dance and fitness. I found Zumba, the instructors and members of the studio made me feel right at home. I was dancing happily amongst other mothers and instructors that called me sister almost everyday. iDance was born in 2017! I hope that at iDance you too will feel like you are dancing in your own living room amongst the most fun and supportive members of your extended family! From 2017, we have grown from a small Zumba studio to a cultivating dance academy for kids and teens along with our fitness and dance for adults as well. I hope you find the same passion for dance when you’re at our studio and welcome to your family! 

Casey Galapon

Administrative Manager

Hi I’m Casey, I’m the Administrative Manager for iDance. My dance history started as a kid and I loved the feeling of performing on stage and the joy of learning sparked in me. I branched out to many things after that such as music and technology. I want to see students have the same passion for dance that I had before. Culture and arts is just as important to kids just as much as academics. I hope you and your students find your passion here at iDance.

Kassandra Olivia

Administrative Assistant

Hi I’m Kassie Oliva, and my dance background includes seven years of dancing and also competing local. I dabbled in all kinds of styles of dance such as: hip hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz and musical theatre. Once I graduated high school I sadly ended my dance career to focus on my education. Dance has taught me many important skills that I use everyday such as communicating with others, social skills, how to be confident, and how to be my own leader. I wouldn’t be the confident independent woman I am today if it wasn’t for dance. I can’t wait to see what you and your friends and family learn here at iDance.

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