If you need a break from the treadmill and want to work up a sweat, you should definitely check out this place.  I feel like most Zumba studios attract mostly middle-aged moms but this place offers a huge variety of dance classes. They have ballet, Zumba, Latin dance, hiphop and KPOP.  I've have tried Zumba and dance classes at the gym and other studios and none of the instructors are as energetic as the ones here.


Lucy N.

I stumbled upon this studio about a year ago when I was looking to incorporate more dance in my life. I love this studio. I've taken classes with Laura, Steven, Noni, Iris, Santino, and Didi- all are wonderful and have their own style and flair. There's something for everybody here! I always leave sweaty and ready to dance some more! I've also taken the adult ballet classes with Enoch- she is such an exceptional ballet teacher and pays really close attention to detail and form- something I really appreciate. All in all I love the sense of community here- everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Proud to say iDance!



This is my favorite place to come and dance! I have been coming here ALL SUMMER and have tried many classes. My favorite is Zumba with Didi and Zumba with Heather. I also trying Laura's Zumba Toning class which incorporates Pilates and weights! I love it so much. Can't wait to keep trying new things and being supported b the dance community here.


Algeria M.

I've been doing Zumba for about 6 years.  I've tried other studios.  I fell in love with IDance when I stepped in.  The studio is clean and spacious.  The members are friendly.  The lady boss makes me feel welcome.  Most of all I enjoy classes with different instructors everyday.  It really lights up my spirit.  As a grandma i think this is not only a good place to exercise and meet lots people in different ages, most importantly is to destress!



Love this place. Many different types of classes, great instructors for every age groups and styles. New and clean modern decor. Friendly staff and clients. I made many friends here. Definitely worth checking out.



This is the best Zumba and fitness place so far I can find. The new operation has new look but the program even better and the instructor are  the best in town. I was here from the day one and I just love more and more. Steve, Didi, Laura, Javier and Noni, Iris,Kim and Adrian  ... every Instructor has their special charms and expertise!  Zumba , Toning , Hip hop, yoga ...Etc. You can enjoy most popular workout in one studio which is I DANCE!!! Don't miss it . The new look of IDance just come out of a lot of surprise that makes me falling in love with it  deeper and deeper.  I can't have happiness without coming to I DANCE! Come with me!




So grateful to have found this studio! Ching is very friendly and energetic.  She is encouraging and supportive of our dance team. It is so great to see adults supporting and encouraging the arts in the youth of today.  That positive and energetic attitude is what makes the vibe enjoyable.

As for the space itself, I love how clean, bright, and well kept it is.  It looks very professional.  A plus  that they have coffee available too! I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone.  Great instructors..our favorite is Ashley...good variety of classes... and helpful, courteous, and friendly staff!

Roberta V.

Hip Hop's Parent

My favorite dance studio by far.  It's modern, clean, has all genres of dance and fitness classes and the instructors are excellent.It's a welcoming and safe space for my child to dance in.  Good for me that it's located in a shopping center where I can grab coffee, groceries or whatever while my son is in class.  On one last priceless thing...they provide cell phone chargers when you're low on juice.  Who does that? Idance that's who! Hooray for this studio!

Yvonne A.

Hip Hop's Parent

My teenage son is taking hip hop with Instructor Josh.  HE LOVES IT! The owner is friendly. the facility is clean.  The room is big and clean. They offer Zumba, kpop, ballet and yoga and many more


Hip Hop's Parent

We love this studio. So excited that we finally found a professional dance studio that is strict on basic skills as well as performance. My daughter takes ballet and folk dance, she loves both. Clean facility, convenient parking and super friendly staff.


Ballet & Chinese Folk Dance's Parent

My 7 year old daughter is taking the summer camp pre ballet classes at idance.  We are having a great experience with the owner of the dance studio and with the ballet teacher.  Ms. Enoch Lee, the ballet teacher is very professional and has great expertise in ballet.  My child has some trouble focusing and following directions so the ballet classes helps her stay focused and learn to follow directions while at the same time she is having fun learning how to dance.


Ballet's Parent

Great variety of dance classes available.  Studio is kept neat and clean at all times.  The Kpop dance classes by Miss Alina is awesome!  My teen girls love it so much they go twice a week religiously.  Awesome way to build confidence, grace and reduce awkwardness!


Kpop's Parent

The teacher is very professional and taught at a pace where my daughter could understand the movements. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn Kpop style or just beginning hip hop.


Kpop's Parent

Friendly staffs and instructor.   My kids love coming here.  Would definitely recommend to all my friends.


Hip Hop's Parent

My daughter is taking K pop class here. She has enjoyed it a lot.  So she just decided to take summer class, which is one hour longer than usual class.  It is good to see she's so into it.  The environment here is clean and spacious.  I also take Zumba class once a week here.  Highly recommend!


Kpop's Parent


Besides all the exciting classes offered here, this place is also great for private events, classes, and parties. I am a dance teacher and constantly rent the studio for dance classes, and my experience with the studio and the owner is extremely pleasant. The studio is huge with mirrors on two sides of the room, which is great for students to check their postures. With a space that can fill up to 35 people, this studio is also a great choice for birthday parties and private events. The owner Ching is very kind and helpful in getting me the best time and price possible. Overall, I highly recommend iDance for all kinds of private/group parties and events.

Kpop Instructor


iDance and Fitness is a hidden gem in Diamond Bar, CA. The renovations currently underway will make this beautiful studio even better! The staff is very friendly and will treat you like a member of the family. I like the diversity of formats that are offered at this studio - from GROOV3  to Zumba and Belly Dance - this place has you covered! Check it out! You will not be disappointed!

Groov3 / UJam Instructor


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